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No actually in he begenning a majority did not want to break away from England they were called loyalist or tories

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Q: Did all colonists want to break from England?
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Why does Patrick Henry think the colonists were strong?

Diverse Geography

Did all of the colonists want to rebel the king of England?

No, some colonist were called "Loyalists" and were loyal to the King

What were the American colonists called who wanted there independence from England?


Why did the tea party go on?

England was taxing the colonists so the colonists invaded one of England's ships and dumped all of their tea into the bay.

Why did the patriots want to break away from England?

The American patriots wanted to break away from England because of the lack of representation. The government that was formed made that the rights of all people would be protected.

People of colonial Maryland?

Most of them came from England.

Did all of the colonists approv of what happened at the Tea Party?

I'm sure not. Some people were probably colonists because of their family, or they didn't want to be in jail. Everybody never agrees on 1 thing. All the colonists all probably had different opinions.

Where did the southern colonists come from?

the colonists for the southern colonies came from new England

How is the French and Indian War a reason for the Revolutionary War?

Tbe colonists help fight the French so that England could gain control of some land west of the Applachian Mountains. Remember at this time, the colonists were still loyal to England. After the French and Indian war, England did not want the colonists to get into fights with the natives on the western side of the colonies. So then the issued the (Royal) Proclmation of 1763, stating that the Colonists could not move west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists were really mad at this, because they had just fought a war to gain land, and now they weren't allowed to move onto it.From the war, England was also in a huge debt, so they started taxing the colonists on all sorts of everyday neccesities, and people started having boycotts and protests against the products made from England. Thus, the Revolutionary War eventually started when the colonists got mad enough at England.

What caused the colonists to break with England?

There were several factors that led to the colonists breaking with England, including taxation without representation, restrictions on trade, and the colonists' desire for greater self-governance. The Stamp Act, Tea Act, and other oppressive measures imposed by the British government also played a significant role in fueling resentment and a sense of injustice among the colonists. Ultimately, these grievances and the colonists' belief in their rights as English citizens led to the American Revolution and the eventual independence of the United States.

What happened in the colonies that lead to the American revolution?

The colonists finally were fed up with all the taxes that parliament was approving without the colonies consent that they eventually rebelled. although most colonials did not want to break from Britan.

Why might the native Americans want to help the colonists?

the native americans didn't specificly help the colonists. all they did was simply show the colonists how to plant and crop and care for a farm.