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No, the constitution did not state anything about only a man could vote. It just wasn't exactly normal for a Women to vote considering they were always the one doing the house work. Back in the late 1700's, many of the men were the ones going to meetings, and voting on bills, etc..

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The Constitution was written primarily by James Madison. (

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Did any women write the Constitution?

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Q: Did any women write the constitution?
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How do you create a new constitution?

my civics teacher is making us write a new constitution any ideas

Why were women disappointed by the constitution of 1791 in France?

According to the French Constitution of 1791, women lacked rights to liberties such as education, freedom to speak, write, print and worship - even though these rights were generally granted to men.

What things did the second continental congress not do?

write the constitution

Where in the constitution amendment does it mention women?

The 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitutions guarantees that all women shall have the right to vote. All men and women shall be created equal.

Why did I the delegates from the American colonies meet in Philadelphia in 1775?

to write a colonial constitution

Why weren't women involved in the writing of the constitution?

Women were left out of confederation because the women at that time don't have any properties or enough money to vote for the confederation.

Did any women sign the Constitution the bill of rights or the declaration of independence?

no, only men signed it

How many women signed the constitution?

No women did sign the constitution. the time of that was before the women was alowed anny rights.

Did any women sign the constitution?

There was no woman who signed the United States Constitution in 1787. A total of 40 men signed the document with Benjamin Franklin being the oldest signer at the age of 81.

What year did they write the constitution?

The Constitution was written in 1781.

Who was the group whose constitution showed that women had a strong voice in government?

The constitution of the Iriquois League shows that women had a strong voice in the government.

What constitution helped japan write a new constitution?