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General Cornwallis did not surrender personally to George Washington. Instead he sent a deputy to do the job.

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Cornwallis serrendered at Yorktown

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Q: Did general Corn wallas surrender to George Washington in Yorktown?
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What is the American revolution ended when George Washington forced the surrender of the British at?

British General Lord Cornwallis surrendered his forces to George Washington in Yorktown in 1781. Yorktown is located in Virginia.

Who accepted the british surrender in Yorktown?

George Washington

George Washington accepted the surrender of the British where?

Yorktown, 1781

Who was involved in the surrender at yorktown?

General Cornwallis was the British general that surrendered to the Patriot general, George Washington. That was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.

Who won the battle of the Yorktown?

General george washington To be more specific: The AMERICANS won the battle of Yorktown which was fought over with the British. The American's LEADER was general George Washington.

Who was the British general that commanded at Yorktown?

{| |- | General Cornwalis was in charge at Yorktown. The British found themselves trapped between the Colonial Army under the command of George Washington and the French Navy. They had little choice but to surrender. |}

During the final phase of the American Revolution General Cornwallis was surrounded and forced to surrender his entire force at?

General Cornwallis' army surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781, but Cornwallis himself was not there to surrender to General George Washington.

American General at the Battle of Yorktown?

George Washington

Who surrended to George Washington at Yorktown?

General Cornwallis

Who was the general of the Americans in the battle of Yorktown?

George Washington

The American Revolution ended when George Washington forced the surrender of the British at?

yorktown virginia

What is the site of Cornwallis surrender to George Washington ending the revolutionary war?

Yorktown, Virginia.