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Q: Did john Rutledge participated in the Annapolis convention?
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Was John Rutledge's father a supporter or against the new Constitutional Convention?

I don't think he had an opinion; John Rutledge's father died when Rutledge was about eleven years old.

What state did john Dickinson represent?

John Dickinson was the president at the Annapolis Convention. At this convention John Dickinson represented the state of Delaware, where he lived.

John rutledge brought an iroquois treaty with him to the constitutional convention. what famous words may that treaty have inspired?

we the people

Was John Rutledge a Federalist or an Anti-Federalist?

John Rutledge was a Federalist.

When was John Rutledge born?

John Rutledge was born on September 17, 1739.

What is John Rutledge's birthday?

John Rutledge was born on September 17, 1739.

When was John Rutledge House created?

John Rutledge House was created in 1763.

When was John Rutledge - economist - born?

John Rutledge - economist - was born in 1948.

What is John Rutledge's home state or country?

John Rutledge was a native of Charleston, South Carolina.

Where was John Rutledge born?

John Rutledge was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on September 17, 1739.

Who were the four most outstanding colonist in the constitutional convention?

The Constitutional Convention took place from May 14 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Rutledge and James Wilson were four of the most outstanding colonist in the constitutional convention.

Was John Rutledge a Federalist?

Yes, John Rutledge and the other five justices of the first US Supreme Court were members of the Federalist party.For more information on John Rutledge, see Related Questions, below.