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Q: Did jorge farragut side with bitish or Americans?
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What side was David Farragut on?

He was an Admiral of the US Navy.

What side did David Farragut fight for in the Civil War?

The Union.

Did any of Benjamin Franklin family support ther bitish during the revolutionary war?

Yes. His son William Franklin was a loyalist, and on the British's side. Ben Franklin was ashamed of his son.

Was John Hancock on the British or Americans side in the revolutionary war?

Americans side

In 1809 what side of the Appalachian mountains did most of the Americans live on?

Most Americans lived on the east side on the Appalachian Mountains in 1809.

Did the Native Americans side with the Americans?

No i believe that they sided with the french they sided with the British

What side of the war was Betsy Ross on?

The Patriot's side - she sewed the flag for the Americans

How might the war have been different if all Americans had supported the same side?

If all americans had supported the same side, there wouldn't have been a war.

Whose side did the native americans fought on during the french and india war?

whose side did the native americans take between the french and british and why?

What did the Indian tribes do during the Revolutionary war?

During the revolutionary war, Indian tribes A) first hoped to stay neutral, but man ended up fighting on the bitish side. B) first joined the british but later switched to the revolutionary side. C) participated in violence against both sides D) embraced the revolutionary cause from the onset of hostilities

Which side of the road do American drive on?

The wrong side (left) No, Americans drive on the right side of the road. (which is also the correct side)

What was the Americans side in the revolutionary war called?