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Q: Did the abolitionist movement succeed
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Why did people join the abolitionist movement?

They believed that the abolitionist movement was right.

Whats the difference between the black abolitionist movement and the white abolitionist movement?


Supporters of the abolitionist movement were divided over what?

The right for women to be active in the abolitionist movement

What were the Quakers noted for?

Strong leadership in the abolitionist movement.

What movement opposed slavery?

The Abolitionist Movement

What was the movement to end slavery?

The Abolitionist Movement.

Which statement least characterizes the Abolitionist Movement in America?

The Abolitionist Movement was supported by a large majority of Americans.

Which movement is Reverend Weld in support of?

the Abolitionist Movement

As a religious groups the Quakers were noted for?

Type your answer here... B.strong leadership in the abolitionist movement.

What characterizes the Abolitionist Movement in America?

The abolitionist movement was created to abolish slavery in America, and it was supported by a fair amount of Americans.

When and why did the abolitionist movement end?

The abolitionist movement largely ended in 1863 with the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, which made slavery illegal. Since the abolitionist movement had been founded to try and abolish slavery, it's work was done.

The movement for women's rights was initially aligned with?

The Abolitionist movement. "Thereafter, the struggle for women's rights became closely aligned with the abolitionist movement." (Patterson, 159)