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No. It just told why the colonies wanted independence.

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Q: Did the declaration of independence provide separation of powers?
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What are the just powers in the Declaration of Independence?


Which enlightenment principle is most clearly reflected in this phrase from the declaration of independence?

We don't have the phrase you were given so we can't answer the question.

Where does the Declaration of Independence and the US constitution get their powers?

From The People of the U.S.

Why is the Declaration of Independence a subversive document?

The Declaration of Independence was subversive because it went against the "powers that be" of the time, namely, the British and King George III.

What must the people do if the government abuses its powers according to the declaration if Independence?

they overthrow it

What is the principle of representative democracy?

Freedom. You may also want to check the Declaration Of Independence. voting citizen participation freedom to disagree right and freedom equity decisions made be representatives majority rule

The theory of government stated in the declaration of independence was that the governments powers are given to it by the people?


What options do citizens have if they feel that the government has taken away their powers?

It's spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.

Idea that the powers of government should be divided between and given to different branches called?

Separation of Powers Separation of Powers

What document includes the phrase secure these rights Governments are instituted among Men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?

The decloration of independance

What is the powers not specifically mentioned in the constitution that belong to the states powers?


Is the Declaration of Independence the written plan of government for the United States which explains the powers and duties of the government?

False. The Declaration of Independence was an explanation of the reasons why America should sever its relationship with England. Your description is for the Constitution.