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qualities of leaders in pre- colonial borno

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Q: Discuss the qualities of leaders in pre colonial in borno?
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Discuss d qualities of leaders in precolonial borno?

qualities of leadership in precolonial borno

When was Ashimi of Borno born?

Ashimi of Borno was born in 184#.

When did Maurice Borno die?

Maurice Borno died in 1955.

When was Maurice Borno born?

Maurice Borno was born in 1917.

What is the population of Borno State?

As of the last census in 2006, the population of Borno State was approximately 4.17 million. However, due to population growth and other factors, the current population is likely higher.

When did Umar of Borno die?

Umar of Borno died in 1881-12.

When did Ashimi of Borno die?

Ashimi of Borno died in 1893-11.

When was Borno Youth Movement created?

Borno Youth Movement was created in 1954.

When was Bukar Kura of Borno born?

Bukar Kura of Borno was born in 1830.

When did Sanda Wuduroma of Borno die?

Sanda Wuduroma of Borno died in 1894.

When did Abubakar Garbai of Borno die?

Abubakar Garbai of Borno died in 1922.

When was Ibrahim Kura of Borno born?

Ibrahim Kura of Borno was born in 184#.