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Q: Do confederation government have the power to settle disputes between the states?
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How did the articles of confederation interfere with interstate commerce?

The Articles of Confederation had the power to settle disputes between states, but let the states make their own constitution/laws

When there is a dispute between states and the federal government over authority who has the authority to settle that dispute?

If there are disputes over authority between local, state, or the national government, how are the disputes resolved?

What was the first constitution called and why did it not work?

The Articles of Confederation didn't work because it made the federal government too weak, so it wasn't well funded and couldn't settle state disputes.

Why do people need courts?

To settle disputes and to enforce laws.To settle disputes and to enforce laws.To settle disputes and to enforce laws.To settle disputes and to enforce laws.

In which form of government does religious law settle disputes and rule the people?


What was the purpose of the hague tribunal?

it is used to settle disputes between countries.

Does to mediate mean to settle disputes?

Mediate is to be in the middle. A mediator sits between two parties.

How were disputes between states settled during 1783-1791?

The answer is probably supposed to be "because the Articles of Confederation didn't include a judicial branch or federal court system." Although this is true, the Articles of Confederation did provide a means of resolving disputes between states. Under Article 9, this authority was granted to Congress, which was instructed to select a panel of judges to help make a fair decision.

Which power involves the authority to interpret the laws and to settle disputes between members of society?

Judicial Power

The Kellogg-Briand Pact was designed to abolish the possibility of war and settle international disputes peacefully?

Use of war to settle disputes

Why did the Iroquois play Lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse was first used as a war game to settle disputes between tribes

The Kellogg-Briand Pact of the late 1920s was an international agreement signed by 62 nations that banned as a means of dealing with disputes between nations?

Use of war to settle disputes