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Q: Do most federal employees work and live in Washington DC?
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Most federal employees work for the?


Who The president is likely to have the most influence over which federal employees?

the ones he appoints

Which states had the most inorganic chemical industry employees?

Most industry employees in the early 2000s are located in three states: South Carolina, Washington, and Tennessee.

Those federal employees who work most directly with the president are part of?

The White House Office

How many federal government employees have been added under Barack Obama?

According to, the correct number is 58,000; most of these were in the area of the Defense Department and Veterans Administration. Internet claims that the president added 200,000 federal employees are false or exaggerated. In fact, he has cut the number of federal employees.

Which act prohibit federal employees from engaging in political activity while on duty?

The Hatch Act of 1939 , officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities prevents most federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities.

How much do kinkos employees make?

Kinkos employees can make anywhere from 10 dollars to $11.72. Most of their positions are hourly. Kinkos is now owned by Federal Express.

Most of the civilian employees in the federal bureaucracy get their positions through?

"the merit system embodied in civil service exams"

What year did Congress pass the federal holiday of Presidents' Day?

Congress never did. They tried back in 1968, but it was never passed. The holiday most people call Presidents' Day is actually Washington's Birthday.

What to do in Washington that is fun?

I live beer Washington and I would have to say the most fun thing to do is the air and space museum

How do you qualify for a federal government pension?

For the most part, a person must work for at least 20 years for the federal government to draw a pension or retirement. Employees also contribute to a 401k type investments.

Is Presidents' Day a US national holdiay?

Yes.---Actually, it is not an official federal holiday. The federal holiday most people refer to as "Presidents' Day" is actually Washington's Birthday.