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It's part of the process. I don't think a case can bypass the appeals level on its way to the supreme court.

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Q: Do the courts of appeals hear cases that are not important enough to come before the supreme court?
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What cases go before federal courts?

United States Appeals Courts, if by Federal you mean the Supreme Court. Otherwise, the chain goes- Local -> Appeals -> Supreme/Federal Court

About 1 4 th of the supreme courts decisions concern appeals from?

About 1 4 th of the supreme courts decisions concern appeals from District Courts

How are courts of appeals and Supreme Courts classified?

In both the state and federal court systems, courts of appeals and supreme courts are those that have appellate jurisdiction over cases heard in courts of original jurisdiction (trial courts).

What federal courts hears appeals from lower courts?

Appellate courts. In the federal court system, the appellate courts are the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court of the United States (aka US Supreme Court).

What is Maryland's four layers of courts?

The District Courts, the Circuit Courts, the Court of Special Appeals and the states's supreme court which is called the Court of Appeals.

Which of the following correctly orders courts from lowest to highest?

district courts, appeals courts, Supreme Court

What is the most important source of the US Supreme Court's caseload?

According to the Supreme Court Rules, Rule 10, the most important source is the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts.

What takes place in federal district courts that does not happen in federal appeals courts or in Supreme Court?

Trial by jury is a right in the lower courts that does not apply in appeals courts or the Supreme Court. The jury makes findings of fact and fact is no longer in issue on appeal.

What is seven different types of courts?

U.S. District Courts U.S. Court of Appeals U.S. Supreme Court State Supreme Court Appellate Courts Trial Courts Lower Courts

Where are cases from the state trial courts appeals?

The State Supreme Court

Where do the majority of the cases the supreme court hears from?

Federal Appeals Courts

Who created the court of appeals?

Congress created the US Courts of Appeals, now called the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts, to relieve the Supreme Court of much of its appellate caseload.