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Q: Do you say participation to or in?
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What is the most common form for political participation?

Voting in elections is the most common form of political participation in democratic societies. This allows citizens to have a say in selecting their representatives and influencing government policies and decisions.

What are the ten most popular sports in the world by participation?

I would have to say soccer

What is the chief obstacle to Americans' participation in community activities?

I can't say for certain, but I suggest apathy.

Is there any difference between public participation citizen participation community participation civil participation and civic participation?

Self Interest :) apex

Which political culture does not place high values on political participation?

An absolute monarchy doesn't place high value on political participation. The absolute monarch rules over his subjects, who have no say in political matters.

What part of speech is the word participation?

The word "participation" is a noun.

What is the participation rate in US?

Participation rate of what.

What is team participation?

Team participation is working with members of a team and helping your team reach their goal. Team participation requires cooperation and active participation.

What actors and actresses appeared in Deutschlandgeschichten - 1979?

The cast of Deutschlandgeschichten - 1979 includes: Barmo as Participation Uwe Kluth as Participation Ernst Ludwig as Participation Ursula Mahnke as Participation Paul Tinzmann as Participation

What is the significance of participation in urban management?

Significance of participation in urban management Significance of participation in urban management

What was one of the benefit of the spoil system?

It boosted political participation >NovaNet<

What is the advantages and disadvantages of participation approach?

Participation is a great thing in society it is just what type of "participation" that you mean. If it is participating in the fact that you are "having a go' then that would be an advantage of participation!