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Q: Does France have a confederation government?
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Does the confederation system have a strong central government?

No. The confederation created by Articles of Confederation was designed to have a weak central government and a strong state government.

What was the first plan of government called?

The first U.S. government was called "The Articles of Confederation"You might also be looking for unicameral government

Why did BC enter confederation?

the confederation promised a responsible government

Why were many Americans satisfied with the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation created a weak Central government

The of Confederation was the first attempt at an American government?

The Articles of Confederation was the first attempt at an American government.

What document preceded the constitution as the framework for American government?

the articles of confederation

Why was the first central government called a confederation?

The first central government was called a confederation since all the states had their sovereignty. The states were then regulated by the Articles of Confederation.

What was the Americans first plan of government?

the first plan of government was the articles of confederation

What is one country whose government is currently a confederation?

Switzerland is a confederation

The first government of the US was defined by?

the Articles of Confederation

What is classified as the first U.S. government?

Articles of confederation

How does an confederation limit the power of central government?

There is no confederation. It was discarded in 1787.