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Your question is very confusing. The political parties were NOT what they are now. In fact, the Republican/Democrat idealism thing was completely reversed back during post Colonial times. Plus the fact that john Locke was English, not American. Plus he was an English philosipher, not a politition.

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John Locke introduced the ideas of consent based government. Locke proposed that all men are born with the unalienable rights of life liberty and property and that government is meant to protect those rights. He contended that the only way for a government to correctly protect the rights of the people is for the people to vote for their own laws. This connects back to his main assertion that man is a reasonable and therefore is able to rule himself.

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to have freedom, life, liberty , pursuit of happiness

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Yes. John Locke believed in democracy.

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Q: Does John Locke believe in democracy?
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What did john Locke believe was the best form of government?

john Locke believed the best form of government was democracy.

What was john Locke's political party?

it woulld be a democracy

Who believe that people had the right to remove a government that did not protect their rights?

john Locke

It can be assumed that John Locke agreed with what principle of the US democracy system?

I think you have it backwards, but that the United States democracy is based on the philosophy of Locke so the constitution agreed with Locke.

What illness did John Locke have?

i believe he had tuberculosis

Did John Locke believe in God?

John Locke didn't believe in any religion. He was a philosopher and a writer who believed that a good government is based on a social contract between the people and the rulers.

Do John Locke and Publius believe in constitutional limitations?


Did john Locke believe in religious freedom?


What did Locke's believe in?

john Locke believed that all people had rights that no government could take away. John Locke expressed this in 3 ways life, liberty and property.

Why did john Locke believe in limited monarchy?

BECAuse he was stupid

What is facts about john Locke?

· John Locke was an English philosopher. · John Locke believed in the middle class and its right to freedom of the inner voice and its property. · John Locke's idea of "natural rights" and "natural laws" had a big deal to do with both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. · John Locke also had an idea that they should be able to overthrow the government. John Locke's father was also named John Locke. John Locke was baptized on the day of his birth.

Would john Locke most oppose republic dictatorship representative democracy or constitutional monarchy?