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Yes! It makes sure that all laws run smoothly and people follow the laws. This branch includes the Supreme Court and juries and other people.

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Q: Does the Judicial Branch interpret laws?
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What is the judicial branch job?

Interpret the laws :)

What is the job of judicial branch-?

The job of the judicial branch is the interpreted (example) and define the laws

What role did the constitution sign to the judicial branch?

The job of the judicial branch is to interpret the laws.

What is the main role of the judicial branch government?

the main role of the judicial branch is to interpret laws

What is the government branch that interpret the constitution and shapes the laws?

The Judicial Branch

Main job of judicial branch?

Interpret laws

What is one of the functions of the judicial branch?

interpret laws

What is the responsibilities for executive branch?

The power of the executive branch is enforce the laws,the power of the legislative branch is to make laws, and the power of the judicial branch is to interpret the laws

Is the purpose of the judicial branch to make laws?

No, the purpose of the Legislative Branch is to make laws. The purpose of the Judicial Branch is to interpret and apply the law.

What kind of power does judicial branch have?

The judicial branch has the power to interpret laws and to strike down laws that they determine to be against the constitution.

What is the commonly stated function of the judicial branch?

to interpret the laws

Which branch of government job is to interpret laws and how they are to be applied?