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Yes, as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in 1987 (Edwards vs. Aguillard), creationism cannot be taught in public schools as doing so would violate the US constitution.

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Q: Does the creationism act violate the establishment clause of the first amendment?
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What is the constitutional argument of the Wallace vs Jaffree case?

Did Alabama law violate the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

What amendment contains the Establishment Clause?

The first amendment contains the establishment clause

Does Thanksgiving violate the establishment clause?


What does organized prayer in public school violate?

Organized prayer in public school violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause.

Which amendment prevents schools from teaching about one particular religion?

The 1st Amendment, because it violates the establishment clause therein (the first clause), which defines the separation of church and state, which the teaching of any religion in a public school would violate.

The establishment clause is part of which amendment?


The free exercise clause and the establishment clause of the First Amendment concern which right?


When was the establishment clause first enacted?

Officially, the first establishment clause was enacted in 1947, but there is debate over whether or not to include the Establishment clause as part of the 14th Amendment in 1868 or as part of the original Bill of Rights.

Where is the free exercise clause located?

The Free Exercise Clause is usually referred to as the Establishment Clause of the First Amendement to the United States Constitution. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment reads: " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. "

What are the names of the two religion clauses found in the first amendment?

The establishment clause and the free exercise clause

In what two ways does the first amendment protect freedom of religion?

The Establishment Clause and the The Free Excercise Clause

What amendment has to do with gay rights?

None, however, bans on gay marriage violate the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.