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Yes, The US Government owns the domestic TV channels NASA TV and The Pentagon Channel. It also owns Radio and TV Marti which broadcasts to Cuba from the Florida Keys and recently the US Government leases 2 radio stations in the Miami area to rebroadcast Radio Marti. Our government owns and operates a number of radio and TV stations in foreign countries which retransmit the government owned VOA Radio, VOA TV, and Music Mix. Lastly our government owns the Arabic language Radio Sawa and 24 hour TV news channel Alhurra.

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Q: Does the us federal government own TV stations?
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What are most television stations and radio stations and newspapers are owned by?

The Federal Government (: Don't Trust In Wiki Answers , These Answers Change Frequently

What agency can grant new licenses for television and radio stations?

The US government licensing agency is the Federal Comunications Commission (FCC).

What Agency can fine TV stations?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the agency that can fine TV stations for violations of broadcasting regulations.

What agency gives licenses to radio and television stations?

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) licenses radio and television stations.

What agencies licenses radio and TV stations?

The federal communication commission.

How many tv stations does India have?

India has over 740 satellite television stations. The government of India also has more than 30 television stations under its control.

How many television stations does Disney own?

The Disney Corporation owns five television stations. These include ESPN and the Disney station plus also the various ABC stations. They also own a lot of other media resources.

Who controls the TV and radio?

Within the United States, television and radio stations are owned by either public or privately owned corporations or units. They are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Some countries only have government owned radio and television.

What Federal Commission licenses and regulates all radio and TV stations?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates all public broadcast media.

Why are television and radio regulated by the federal government?


What organization licenses all regulates all radio and television stations?

FCC = Federal Communications Commission

What was true about television since the 1980's?

The government has increasingly controlled how many stations are available