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did not support a war with France.

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did not support a war with France.

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Q: During his presidency John Adams
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What did John Adams do during his Presidency?

John Adams worked in Europe.

Jefferson was vice president during who's presidency?

John Adams

During Andrew Jacksons presidency who was his predecessor?

John Quincy Adams

How is President John Adam's connected to the Judiciary Act?

Happened during John Adams Presidency

What was one decision that John Quincy Adams made during his presidency?


When did John Adams presidency start?

John Adam's presidency started March 4, 1825.

What issues divided Republicans and Federalists during John Adams's presidency?

the alien acts

If During his presidency John Adams?

Your question is confusing. We need to know what you want to know.

How many states where discovered during John Adams presidency?

No new states and no new territory was added to the US while John Adams was President.

What were the most important issues during john Adams presidency?

what were jhon Adams main big problems Type your answer here...

Does Louisa Adams have a special project when John Quincy Adams presidency?

Yes, Louisa Adams did have a special project wen John Quincy Adams ran for presidency.

When did John Adams retire from the presidency?

John Adams left office In the year 1801.