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Ronald Regan increased spending on the military

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Q: During reagans presidency federal spending increased most for?
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What did Ronald Reagans economic policies do?

They increased defense spending and lowered taxes.

What was part of reagans political agenda as he campaigned for the presidency in 1980?

Decreasing the size of federal government.

How did the supreme change as a result of Ronald reagans presidency?

The Supreme Court became more conservative during Ronald Reagan's presidency.

What was a major world event that happened during reagans presidency?

the falling of the Berlin Wall.

What was a major element of president reagans foreign policies?

Increasing defense spending

During Ronald reagans presidency the Iran-contra scandal involved the illegal sale of weapons to Iran and?


What were Ronald Wilson Reagans accomplishments while in presidency?

He toppled the Berlin Wall and put an end to the soviet union

What is true of Reagans interaction with the Supreme Court during his presidency?

Reagan was known for appointing only justices who were politically conservative.

Why did the us military deploy troops to Lebanon during Ronald reagans presidency?

To secure peace between Israel and Palestinian militants.

Why did the U.S. military deploy troops to Lebanon during Ronald Reagans presidency?

To secure peace between Israel and Palestinian militants

During the first five years of reagans presidency the military budget grew by more than?

In the eight years of Ronald Reagan's presidency, the American defense budget rose from $ 325.1 billion to 456.5 billion, or 40.5%

What did Reagans political party stand for?

Reagan was a conservative member of the GOP. Basically, his presidency focused on the economy and expanding the military. During is presidency he also sought to, and eventually succeeded in, ending the Cold War.