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Hundreds of Klansmen were indicted

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Q: Enforcement of the fugitive act led to?
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Enforcement of the Fugitive Act led to what?

This was one of the things that led to the civil war .

Enforcement of the fugitive slave act led to?

more anger in the north

The most common form of farm work for freed individuals was?

The Enforcement Of The Fugitive Slave Act Led To?

What enforcement of the fugitive act lead to?


What did the enforcement of the fugitive of act lead to?


When did the fugitive slave act become enforced?

i means the enforcement of stupid people

What was the reaction to president pierce's enforcement of the fugitive slave act?

it hardened the opposition to slavery

Why did Southerners have a problem with the enforcement of the fugitive slave act?

Southerners had a problem with the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act because it allowed for the capture and return of escaped slaves from the South to their owners, even in free states. This led to conflicts with abolitionist sentiments in the North and raised concerns about the legality and morality of slavery. Additionally, some felt that the Act placed too much power in the hands of federal authorities, infringing on states' rights.

Enforcemaent of the Fugitive Act led to what?

This led to the American Civil war from 1861-1865. This was because of slavery . The fugitive slave act allowed slave hunters to go to the North to get their slaves back.

What major events led to the end of slavery in US?

the fugitive slave act

Did uncle tom cabin led to the fugitive slave act?

No, it didn't. The Fugitive Slave Law was passed before the publication of the novel.

What was illegal to do in the fugitive slave act?

The Fugitive Slave Act made it illegal for anyone to assist or harbor a fugitive slave, and mandated that law enforcement officials in free states capture and return escapees to their owners in slave states. Anyone found guilty of aiding a fugitive slave could be fined or imprisoned.