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George and the cherry tree

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Q: Examples on how George Washington was trustworthy anyone got any?
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Was George Washington popular among the American people?

George Washington by almost all historians' accounts was a very good President. His major drawback was that he was a slave owner. He did, however free and provide money and education to the slaves which he owned, in his will. No other slave owner President ever did that again.

What is the story about George Washington and the cherry tree?

This is the told story of George Washington and the cherry tree. George Washington was a good little boy. One day, his father got him an ax as a present. George Washington's dad had a big orchard, and just planted a baby cherry tree. "This cherry tree will bloom in the spring, and will grow cherries in the fall" said his father proudly. George was so happy to have his ax that he chopped down the cherry tree! His father was so sad when he saw his broken cherry tree. He didn't know who did it, so he said that anyone who did this will get punished. Finally, George decided to tell his father the truth. So he did, and his father said to him " Oh, George. You could of just said so. I'm not mad at you. You told the truth, and that's all that matters. I forgive you, George, because you didn't know." and so, he took George in his arms and gave him a good hug.

Did George Washington serve in a war?

George Washington, being the top commander of American Revolutionary troops, and the first US President, is a great resume in itself. He, however, did not fight in the US Civil War. Washington died in 1799.

What was George Washington nickname?

"The Father of our Country".George Washington was known as The Father of his country.

Who did john Adams propose should be the commander-in-chief of the continental army?

He didn't propose anyone. He didn't have to. Washington came to congress in a tailor made uniform with brass buttons and gold epithets. He told congress he was the only person who could command the army since he had experience in the French and Indian war as a British officer.

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Who did George Washington mare?

Gorge Washinton did not mare anyone or anything. George Washington married someone named Martha Washington.

Did anyone attempt to kill George Washington?


Did George Washington frame the constitution?

yes Washington helped frame the constitution

Was George Washington named after anyone?

Yes!, his step son was named after him.

Did anyone help George Washington during the fight for independence?


Did Washington run against anyone as president?

No, George Washington ran unopposed in both of his presidential elections.

Was George Washington married to anyone?

Yes. His wife was Martha Dandridge Custis

Did yellow fever kill anyone in the Washington family?

No George and his family left before anyone got ill.

Did Martha Washington like what George Washington was doing while he was president?

Martha did not play an active role in political affairs. I think she generally liked what George did and if she did not, she did not complain to anyone else but maybe George.

Was George Washington a trickster?

No. Not that I or anyone i know is aware of. Simply unheard of until now.

Who served longer as president than anyone else?

George Washington D. C.

Did George Washington serve as an official of the Confederate states?

NO-- Washington died long before anyone even thought of the Confederate States.