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The political community takes shape through the convergence of cultural political boundaries, transforming the state into the state of all its citizens.

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Q: Explain the Nation as a political community?
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Comparing political institutions and behaviors from state to state and community to community in order to identify and explain similarities or differences is referred to as?

Contrasting studies

How i can explain my circumstances in your home country?

The circumstances relating to one's own nation can be explained by keeping up to date on political and financial news. Also, a research library can give one good information on how past and present circumstances explain the state of one's nation.

Which European nation belonged to nonaligned community?

Yugoslavia was usually considered 'non-aligned' during the cold war. The following countries were 'neutral', and belonged to neither the Warsaw Pact, nor to NATO: Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland.

What is the difference between nation and nation state?

A nation refers to a single ethnic community of people who share a common identity and usually a common origin, while a nation state may be multi-cultural and is defined as a group of people united in the political and legal structure of the State.

What does community and nation share?

A nation is a community of people that shares territory and a government. Hope this helps. :)

Why is it difficult for a community or a nation to be completely independent?

It is difficult for a community or a nation to be completely independent because there will always be resources that this nation or community doesn't have and will need from outside sources.

What is govenance?

The definition of government is the governing body of a community nation or state. It is the system that a community, state, or nation is governed.

Explain 3 political ideals in the declaration of independence?

Explain 3 political ideals in the decleration of independence?"

Do you believe having political parties helps or hurts the nation?

do you believe having political partieshelps or hurts the nation

Can state exist without a nation?

Yes, a nation can exist without a state, but it is not very common. A nation is a cultural-political community that has become conscious of its coherence, unity, and particular interests. A state, however, is an autonomous entity, having sovereign government and constitutional recognition within a defined territory.

What is the way in which people are introduced to the political culture of their nation?

Is political socialization

Modern day political combine a nation and state to make what?

Modern day political combine a nation and state to make a republic