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{| |- | They formed Unions. This gave them more bargaining power. The unions helped promote reasonable working conditions, reasonable pay and more respect for the workers. |}

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Q: Factory workers rallied to improve working conditions by forming what?
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Explanation on popular leaders rallied people to revolt and what the effects of these efforts were?

Many popular leaders have rallied people to revolt in an attempt to change the political landscape or structure of a country. The effects of these efforts were wide spread and resulted in many changes depending on their overall success rate.

How effective was Douglass as an abolitionist speaker?

Frederick Douglas was most effective as an abolitionist as a newspaper writer. His counsel was sought by many wealthy abolitionists, however, his public speaking impact is an unknown factor. It was, if anything, probably overrated. There is no doubt however, that as a writer, he made himself well known.

What are the three major reason the American won the Revolutionary War?

We won the revolutionary war for three major reasons:1.) We had the home court advantage - we were fighting the war on our own territory. We knew the land much better than the British did, and we did not have to ship soldiers or equipment overseas.2.) The element of surprise: George Washington (American general) lead with surprise tactics. The British were unaccustomed to the lack of regularity or reason with American troops. Also, the French came and aided us.3.) Low expectations - The British saw this war as a joke at first. Had they taken it more seriously, they probably would have won. As it was George Washington was a superior general, and he rallied the American people to fight hard.

What role did French envoy Edmond Genet play during his visit to the US in 1793?

In the spring of 1793, Edmond Genet was sent to the United States, as an official representative of France. At this time France was at war with a coalition of European monarchies that were led by England. Genet hoped to enlist Americans to serve on French warships, and to use American ports for French naval bases.President George Washington and his administration, insisted on strict neutrality. Genet took his case to the newspapers, hoping to play upon the pro-French feelings of the American people. Instead, his bullying tone rallied support for the President, injured the French cause, and embarrassed the Republicans (these were men who didn't approve of Washington being President). Edmond Genet would return to France empty handed, and a failure.

How did shays rebellion influence the writing of the US constitution?

Shay's Rebellion is most significant to the development of the U.S. Constitution, primarily due to the timing of it's occurrence. The new republican experiment in America it was argued was on the verge of failure. Border disputes between states, economic wars over taxation, and confusion over jurisdiction threatened to break apart the Confederation Congress in favor of regionalized governments forming two to four separate national governments. For example, in Massachusetts where the rebellion was occurring there was discussion that the New England states would form their own nation, as would the Mid-Atlantic and the Southern states. The rebellion itself was greatly embellished at the time, with initial reports indicating that Daniel Shay's had as many as 12,000 men prepared to march on Boston. Most historians now have found that the number was closer to 1,200, and that they were in no way capable of a successful march. However, the military implications aside, the rebellion convinced many prominent Americans that the Articles of Confederation needed amending, or a radical change in favor of a unified national government. Shay's Rebellion became the catalyst that prompted James Madison to solicit, and convince George Washington to lend his prominence to a convention that would discuss the amending of the Articles. In fact, Shay's Rebellion, in perhaps a stronger way than Madison's argument coaxed Washington from retirement, and that Convention did occur, and ultimately became the Constitutional Convention creating the U.S. Constitution.

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