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Q: Famous people before the between 1700 and 1800.?
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What are some famous people that were born in the 1700?

George Washington

Famous people from Massachusetts in 1600-1700?

albert pujols

Who were some famous people who were born in the 1700's?

Larry King

Famous people in the 1700's?

Any of the American founders for a start.

What famous and historic people that lived in the 1700's?

jack the ripper was one

Who were the voters before the 1800s?

People (men ) from the 1700's.

How do you use the word autobiography in a sentence?

Many famous people from the 1700's and 1800's wrote autobiographies about themselves.

Who are some more famous people from New York in the 1700's?

New York state and city have always seemed to attract famous people even in the 1700s. Some of the famous people from there in the 1700s included William Alexander and William Blackhorse Astor Sr.

Who was a famous person who lived in the 1700?

One famous person who lived in the 1700's (or the 18th century) is George Washington, the United States' first president.

Who is the most famous scientist ever?

That would probably be a tie between Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.The most famous scientists were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Richard Hawkins Albert Einstein many other people from the 1700's until the 1900's.

What Problems were there with trains in 1700 - 1900?

Nothing was really wrong with trains. They were only bringing in goods and taking people around the world between 1700's and 1900's.

How many people lived in british NY in 1700?