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Q: First African country to elect a government in which the majority of members were women?
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How many African countries are members of the Organization of African Unity?

all of african country

A prime minister in a parliamentary democracy is chosen by?

The members of the party that has the majority of represetatives in the government.

Who makes up the state government?

The members of the party that make up the majority in the Lower House of the states parliament and the people of the various government departments.

When elected who forms the new government?

The group of members that have the majority vote, Historicaly either labour or liberal national.

Is UK legislature representative of the political opinion of the country?

Depends on what is meant by the country. If the country means the political parliamentary members then yes. It is those members who set and pass the bill into becomes legislation. But, if country means the majority of all the persons in the UK then no.

Is Africa a member of NATO?

Africa is a continent not a country. There are no African countries that are members of NATO. Other then the US and Canada, all of the members are European.

The majority of people in Scandinavia are members of church?

Approximately about 50% of the population overall. It varies from one country to another.

What is the government in Africa?

Africa has several nations, each with its own government. However, there are organizations that have members throughout the continent, such as the ANC (African National Congress).

Who owns the vast majority of financial intermediaries in the US?

Most of them are owned by the government excluding credit unions which are owned by the members.

What are the names of the members of the east African community?

Africa is a continent so we need to know the country you ask about.

Why Was It Necessary For African Nations To Set Up Transition Governments?

It was imperative for African nations to set up transition governments in order to have a smooth transition between the colonial government and the African government. The new members of government needed to learn the key elements of their positions before completely taking over.

What government does European members belong to?

There are over 50 independent countries in Europe, each of which has their own democratic government. They do not belong to any one single government. 28 of Europe's countries are members of an organisation called the European Union, but that is not a government or a country. It is an organisation that has independent countries as members.