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meena kumari

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Q: First Indian actress to win bharat ratna?
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Bharat ratna awards winners?

first prime minister of India got bharat ratna award

Who got bharat ratna as Indian singer?

Latha mangeshkar

First Indian to get bharat ratna awrd?

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, C Rajagopalchari, C.V. Raman

First foreign based woman having Indian citizenship who won Bharat Ratna?

mother theresa

Indian flim actor who won bharat ratna?

M. G. Ramachandran(1917-1987)got 'BHARAT RATNA' award in 1988 as an Film Actor

Who is the non-Indian received bharat ratna award?

Mother Teresa

Who first bharat ratna award first?


First Bharat Ratna winner?


Who get the first Bharat ratna award?


Who was the first foreigner to receive the Bharat Ratna?

Nelson MandelaMr. Khan Abdul Khaffar Khan is the first foreigner to receive the Bharat Ratna award.

When was Bharat Ratna created?

Bharat Ratna was created in 1954.

The first recipient of Bharat Ratna was?

C. Rajgopalachari was the first recipient of Bharat Ratna.