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Quebec :):)

vocab term ch 6 us AP history

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The Plains of Abraham

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Q: Fortress boldly assaulted by General Wolfe spelling doom for New France?
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Fortress boldly assaulted by general wolfe spelling doom for the new France?

The plains of Abraham

What fortress did general wolfe assault spelling doom for new France?


What is Bastille in France?

It was a Royal fortress and prison.

What was the bastille Le used for and where was it located?

Bastille was a fortress in Paris, France used a state prison, and in resolving of internal conflicts in France. The Bastille was a fortress in Paris used by the kings of France as a state prison.

Where was The Bastille located?

The Bastille (formally known as the Bastille Saint-Antoine) was a fortress in Paris, France.

What were the names of the 5 beaches on D Day?

The five beaches assaulted by allied force at Normany, France on June 6, 1944 were: Gold and Sword, assaulted by British forces; Juno, assaulted by Candian forces Utah and Omaha, assaulted by American forces.

What were the fortified areas called between France Germany and Russia called?


What large French fortress in Canada was besieged and captured by New Englanders in 1745?

The fortress of Louisbourg, located in Nova Scotia. It was later ceded back to France in a peace accord.

What name did Hitler give his forts along the coast of France?

Festung Europa (Fortress Europe)

When was Estates General - France - created?

Estates General - France - was created in 1302.

When did Estates General - France - end?

Estates General - France - ended in 1789.

What was the Bastille used for and where was it located?

The Bastille, formally known as Bastille Saint-Antoine, was some fortress in Paris, France which played a vital role in conflict resolution in France.