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Q: Franklin D Roosevelt's kitchen cabinet was know as?
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Who replaced Jefferson in George Washington's cabinet?

ben Franklin, i don't know?

Can you replace kitchen cabinet hardware by yourself?

"Yes, if you know what you are doing you can get the kit and install your own kitchen cabinets. It isn't very hard, and there are several free guides online."

What is the name of Andrew Jackson's informal meeting room in the White House?

Andrew Jackson had personal advisers that could not be approved as member of his Cabinet by the Senate. So he chose personal advisers that met in the Kitchen. They became known as the Kitchen Cabinet. You must know that Andrew Jackson was a very rough frontier man and his friends were also. So when he brought his friends to Washington D. C. the established society was distressed to say the least. At his inauguration the people climbed on the furniture with their muddy boots. They left the White House in a mess. There was no way the Senate would approve "that kind of a man" as a member of the official Presidential Cabinet. He rarely met with the paid official Presidential Cabinet. .

How can you become a member of the Obama kitchen cabinet?

Unless you know President Obama personally, you can't. A kitchen cabinet is different from a presidents regular/administration cabinet, the people in his regular cabinet such as Hilary Clinton (Secretary of Sate) are choose by the president to perform government obligation's and duties, as opposed to the kitchen cabinet which the president can fill with with close friends and colleagues he has met in his life so the president can get some opinions on topics and issues outside the political arena. Short Version: they are a presidents close friends who help the president out when he doesn't want to deal with or get opinions from jackass politicians.

What is the standard depth of an upper kitchen cabinet shelf?

The standard depth of base cabinets in a kitchen is 1'6" to 1' 10" . To know more about kitchen cabinets follow the link below: In the U.S., standard kitchen base cabinet depth is 2'-0".

Do you know who does cabinet refinishing.?

You can do this yourself and save money there are many tutorials available online ( However, if you want to have someone else do it, the kitchen tune up can do it for you. Their website is:

Would home buyers prefer windows in the kitchen or more cabinet space if storage space is very little?

Very small answer actually its none of them! I know i my soind crazy but i know mean believe me!

What are the release dates for 10 Things You Don't Know About - 2012 The Roosevelts 1-6?

10 Things You Don't Know About - 2012 The Roosevelts 1-6 was released on: USA: 19 March 2012

Why can't i install a garbage disposal in my kitchen island?

If there is a sink there and electrical power, I don't know why you couldn't. Mount the switch either above the doors in the face of the cabinet or right inside the door.

What is the title of cabinet members of Canada?

it is the i don't know title for the cabinet members

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Who was Benjamin Franklin survived by at the time of his death?

ben Franklin is survived by I DONT KNOW do they ecspect anyone to know ask ben Franklin