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what was the contribution to society did George Rogers Clark

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Q: George Rogers Clark contribution to society what did he do?
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Did George Rogers Clark have any brothers?

George Rogers Clark had two brothers; William Clark and Jonathan Clark.

When was Louisville Kentucky founded?

George Rogers Clark.

Who were the Frontiersman who captured kaskaskia and vincennes?

George Rogers Clark.

What is George Rogers Clark's birthday?

George Rogers Clark was born on November 19, 1752.

Who is George Rogers Clark's wife?

George Rogers Clark was married to Teresa De Leyba.

Is george rogers clark park a waterpark?

No. George Rogers Clark National Historic Park is actually the site of the Monument dedicated to George Rogers Clark. It is at Vincennes, Indiana.

What was the name of George Rogers Clark's ship?

George Rogers Clark was a frontiersman. He did not have a ship.

Which American officer led the expedition into the Ohio Valley?

George Rogers Clark

What is the Relationship between George Rogers Clark and William Clark?

The two people are brothers. William Clark was George Rogers Clark's younger brother.

When was George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge created?

George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge was created in 1929.

Who were the parents of George Rogers Clark?

Father (=) John Clark III Mother (=) Ann Rogers Clark

Was george rogers clark a president?