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The answer to this question depends on the definition of 1st class. It also depends on the definition of rich vs poor. For the purpose of answering the question the terms will be defined as follows:

A. 1st class; this a family that loves one another & is respected among its peers. It also means that the "1st class family is not in trouble with law - breaking.

B. Rich or Poor; For my purposes the amount of wealth or the lack of it, has no bearing on rich or poor.

Let me give the reader an example of my thoughts:

Family 1. is a family that loves each other & their neighbors. They have no idea about the wealth of their friends nor do they care. They have respect for themselves and all others unless the "others" have been less than good citizens.

This is a short & subjective opinion in answer to the question.

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Q: How are first class families rich or poor?
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