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Q: How can Power of the purse restrict presidential power?
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How can power of the purse restrict presdential power?

By refusing to provide the funds necessary to carry out the president's orders.

What does power of the purse refer to?

Power of the purse is the influence that legislatures have over public policy because of their power to vote money for public.

What is the power of the purse and why so important?

The power of the purse is the most important power of Congress. It is so complex and unwieldy that it is difficult for Members and virtuall.

What is the meaning behind the phrase 'Power of the Purse'?

Power of the Purse is the control of the House of Commons over Public Expenditure.

What constitutional power makes legal congress's supervisory powers?

The power of the purse.

What are the Example of legislative check on the executive?

The legislative branch has a variety of checks on the executive including but not limited to the ability to make laws, override presidential vetoes, the power to declare war, the power of the purse (taxes and funding), regulation of land and naval forces, and the power to impeach. Ø

Does the Executive Branch hold the power of the purse?

No. Congress (the Legislative Branch) holds the power of the purse, meaning they create the budget and decide what to fund and what not to fund.

What is the Power of the purse during colonial north America?

The power to withhold money from a group.

What was the primary weapon used by colonial legislatures in their conflicts with royal governors?

using their power of the purse to withhold the governors salary

Which component of fiscal law gives Congress the power of the purse?


What is meant by the power of the purse in England?

In England, 'power of the purse' would mean something like; the people with the money, are the ones with the power and influence. They may have a disproportionate amount of influence on how something is run, for example, it has to fcater to them more than anyone else, to keep the money coming.

What is the major power congress has over the bureaucracy?

The "power of the purse" ---congress can withhold funds from any sector of the bureaucracy which is why the agencies try so hard to influence Congress. In fact, Congress has the power to abolish government agencies and department and eliminate jobs filled by bureaucrats. ( They don't because government workers are also voters and campaigners and there as now so many of them that they can swing elections. Congressmen want to keep their jobs as much as the bureaucrats want to keep theirs. )