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They both have the right to make bills

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Make a Venn diagram to compare them.

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Q: How can you Compare and contrast the US Constitution and state constitutions?
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How many constitutions does Arizona have?

Yes it Does. Like any other State in the U.S its constitution is like most but not the same.

In comparison to the US Constitution how difficult is it to amend State constitutions?

In comparison to the United States Constitution, how difficult is it to amend State constitutions

Which documents state the powers and duties of the us government?

State constitutions.

Does the state constitution have a Bill of Rights?

Most state constitutions do.

How the state constitution resemble the constitution?

The various state constitutions resemble the US constitution in that they give rights and freedoms to the people in that state. The difference is that state constitutions are much more specific compared to the general US constitution. Also most state constitutions have been amended thousands of times, where as the US constitution has 27 amendments. Rights and Freedoms to citizens are the similarities More specific and more easily changed are the differences

Compare state constitutions and US Constitution?

The US Constitution is the founding document of the country. Before that document was approved, however, state governments were made through state constitutions. The state constitutions only applied to the states, however, while the US Constitution applies to the whole nation. For an example, a state constitution will not have articles that deal with foreign treaties or tariffs because the US Constitution gives that power to the federal government. Also, the state may have a constitution that speaks about the death penalty. This will not be found in the US Constitution, as all duties not provided by the federal government belonged to the states. With that said, the US Constitution has an amendment forbidding cruel or unusual punishment. This means that the US states cannot pass death sentence laws that conflict with the US Constitution.

Did state constitutions influence the u.s. constitution?

Well Of course. They were models for making the Constitution

How many constitutions has Virginia had?

The state of Virginia has had seven constitutions, and that includes the one adopted in 1971, which is the current constitution.

How did Pennsylvania's constitution differ from other state constitutions?

it was retarted compared to the other constitutions. Wow. So helpful.

Is every state constitution the same?

I believe the all state constitutions are the same because there is something called the US constitution

Which state had the most signers to the constitutions?

if you mean to the U.S Constitution: Pennsylvania...

Why are state constitutions usually longer than the U.S. Constitution?

Because states usually have more detailed responsibilities. APEX