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The king could delay the passing of law for 3 years by zil

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Q: How changes in the constitution affected the king?
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What to ways are the king crabs affected be changes in the environment?

king crabs are affected by the changes in the ocean by the polar ice caps melting and adding to much fresh water

What are changes to the U.S. constitution called?

Changes to the Constitution are called Amendments.

How changes are there in the constitution?

There are 27 Changes or "Amendments" to the Constitution.

What part of the Constitution changes the rest?

The Amendments of the Constitution changes the rest.

How did the Holocaust impact the Constitution?

The US Constitution was not affected by Holocaust.

What does an amendment do to the constitution?

it changes a part of the constitution.

What were the major debates and compromises that affected the creation of the U.S. Constitution?

What were the major debates and compromises that affected the creation of the U.S constitution Answer this question…

How did Henry changes in religion affected the people in Britain after they have occurred?

It was affected by people in Britain as they had live there and suffer with the changes.

How many changes are there to the constitution?

The US Constitution has had 27 Amendments so far.

How many written changes have been added to the Constitution?

there has been 27 written changes to the US constitution

Which part of federal government is not mentioned in the constitution but by custom has affected the impact of the constitution?

The Cabinet.

What is it called when their is a change to the constitution?

Specific changes to the Constitution are called amendments. There are 27 amendments; the first 10 are called the Bill of Rights.