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By today's standards, the Constitution wasn't very democratic because it only allowed males to vote. But, for the time, the Constitution was very democratic. Even though it only allowed white landowning men the right to vote, and not women or black slaves, it still allowed a huge percent of its population to vote. Yet the new charter also contained democratic elements. Above all, it stood foursquare on two great principles of republicanism: that the only legitimate government was one based on the consent of the governed, and that the powers of government should be limited.

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Q: How democratic was the Constitution as originally written?
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Not sure what you mean by " democratic impulse " but it was written as a foundation for representative government.

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Athens, Greece

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as many as he wanted

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Athens was the worlds first democratic constitution

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The word itself does not appear in the constitution either as it was originally written or as it has been amended.

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What kind of constitution do you have?


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Originally, to unify themselves around either supporting the ratification of the constitution (Federalists) or against the ratification (Anti-Federalists, later Democratic-Republicans).