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Charles Beard and John P. Roche give marvellous (opposing) opinons on this issue. Beard's writings can be found online in full (see first link below) but, as Roche is still alive he still is trying to make money off his ideas. Find "The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action" in a library or at a book store for more info. (In other words, decide for yourself). -Political scientist John P. Roche asserts that the Founding Fathers were not only revolutionaries but also superb democratic politicians who created a Constitution that supported the needs of the nation and at the same time was acceptable to the people.

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Q: How democratic were the founding fathers or did they create the Constitution only to fit their needs?
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What papers did your founding fathers create which you built your government on?

The constitution

What did the founding fathers create to make religious freedom and toleration the law of the land?

The constitution

In what city did the founding fathers meet in to create a new constitution for nation?

Philadelphia, PA

Why did the founding fathers create the congressional decision making process to be?

The founding fathers create the congressional decision making process to be... slow and deliberative.

Why did the founding fathers create a Constitution that could be adapted for the future?

The founders created a Constitution that could be adapted for the future through amendments. Popular sovereignty is what gives the Constitution this much power.

Why did the founding fathers write establish justice?

The constitution was a set of ethical codes that the founding fathers wanted to create to protect the citizens, and the colonies. They wrote the laws not to establish justice, but as a way to define what rights citizens in the country were entitled to .

Why did the Founding Fathers create the Freemasons?

They didn't create Freemasonry. However, many of the founding fathers were Freemasons. Freemasons date well before the United States.

Did our founding fathers create our government like England's?

How did England help create our goverment

Why did our country founding fathers create a government with three branches?

The Founding Fathers wanted to make it difficult for one person, party, or group to get control of the government.

What plan did the founding fathers of the constitution create because they feared that voters would not chose a president wisely?

The Founding Fathers had no plan in place other than who would succeed the President if something happened. For the fathers to undermine the voters choice for President would've been a direct violation of the laws they had written to protect voter rights.

The Constitution created a system of government?

epresentative democracy, known as a Republic

In which city was the Constitutional Convention held, where the founding fathers met to create a new framework for government?

The framers of the US Constitution met in Philadelphia in 1787 to 1789 to create a new government to replace the Articles of Confederation government.