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When he received word that Benedict Arnold was going to willingly surrender West Point to the british. When George Washington learned of this, he and his men moved toward West Point and Benedict Arnold being the cowardish traitor that he was.......ran.

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He accidentally alluded to it on his Facebook page...


The Americans captured a British Major, John André traveling in civilian clothing through the New York Colony's Highlands near Tarrytown outside the British lines. under the assumed name of John Anderson. They found on his person a pass signed by Arnold and the detailed sketches of the network of fortifications of West Point

defenses. The documents were consigned to Washington who deduced that Arnold was a traitor.

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Q: How did George Washington find out Benedict Arnold was a traitor?
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Why did George Washington promote Bendict Arnold to be a general?

George Washington thought that Benedict Arnold had leadership abilities.

Who became commander of the American troops during the Revolutionary War?

benedict arnold

What important people did Benedict Arnold meet?

He met George Washington in 1775

Did Benedict Arnold achieve the rank of general?

Benedict Arnold is the most well known traitor in history after switching sides during the Revolutionary War. While serving as a Major General in the Continental Army, Benedict became bitter about perceived slights. He felt he was being passed over for promotions and had been accused of corruption by fellow patriots.

Who helped Benedict Arnold take over fort Ticonderoga?

British Mayor John Andre helped Benedict Arnold try to capture George Washington.

What leaders were in the Revolutionary War?

Samuel Adams, George Washington, Benedict Arnold... There were many more.

What are the release dates for Pritzker Military Library Presents - 2006 George Washington and Benedict Arnold 2-14?

Pritzker Military Library Presents - 2006 George Washington and Benedict Arnold 2-14 was released on: USA: 8 April 2007

Benedict Arnold asked George Washington to give him command of this defensive post?

West Point ~Rogers:)

Where did George Washington say Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country?

In a letter to Benedict Arnold.

Who was one of Washington's most trusted generals?

Benedict Arnold was one of George Washington's most trusted generals and a spy for the British

Who were Benedict Arnold's friends?

paul revere, george washington, nathanael greene, horatio gates, king george III, and general cornwallis

What did Benedict Arnold do to make George Washington angry?

He lead many victorys for the colonists.... but he felt he wasn't getting enough credit/fame for um so he turned to the British side. And was considered a Traitor. peace out ;]