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she died

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Q: How did Jane Butler Washington died?
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When did Vida Jane Butler die?

Vida Jane Butler died in 2007.

What was the name of Augustine Washington's first wife?

Jane Butler.

When did John Washington Butler die?

John Washington Butler died in 1952.

How did Jane butler die?

...when she died.

When was Vida Jane Butler born?

Vida Jane Butler was born in 1923.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Foundations of Freedom - 1918?

The cast of The Foundations of Freedom - 1918 includes: Cecil Morton York as Colonel Washington Butler Maud Yates as Jane Butler

When was John Washington Butler born?

John Washington Butler was born in 1875.

Who were George Washington's siblings?

First U.S. President George Washington [February 22, 1732-December 14, 1799] had siblings and half-siblings. His father, Augustine Washington [1694-April 23, 1743], was married twice. Augustine Washington married his first wife, Jane Butler [October 24, 1699-September 24, 1729], in 1715. She died in 1729. The half-siblings of the President, from this first marriage, were Butler, b. 1716; Lawrence, 1718-1752; Augustine, Jr., 1720-1762; and Jane, 1722-1735. The President was the first-born and therefore the eldest child of his father's second marriage, on March 6, 1731, to Mary Ball [1708-1789]. His siblings were Betty, 1733-1797; Samuel, 1734-1781; John Augustine, 1736-1787; Charles, 1738-1799; and Mildred, 1739-1740.

Who was George Washington's father's first wife?

Martha. MORE she was his one and only wife. The question asks as if he had more than one. He didn't .

Who was Augustine Washington's first wife?

Augustine Washington, George's father was married twice.Jane Butler Washington (b. Dec. 24, 1699, Nov. 24, 1728) , married 1715children:Butler Washington (1716 - 1716)Lawrence Washington (1718 - 1752Augustine Washington (1720 - 1762)Mary Ball Washington (1708 - August 26, 1789) married March 6, 1731.children :George Washington- (1732-1799)Betty Washington - (1733-1797)Samuel Washington- (1734-1781)John Augustine Washington - (1736-1787)Charles Washington - (1738-1799)Mildred Washington - (1739-1740)

Was Jane Washington his brother?

No, Jane Washington cannot be his brother.

When did Tommy Butler die?

Tommy Butler died in 1977.