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Many of them supported it.

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Q: How did Northern whites accept abolitionist movement?
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Did Benjamin Banneker believe that blacks were not inferior to whites?

Benjamin Banneker believed that the African race was just as capable and intelligent as whites. He was a supporter of the abolitionist movement and even challenged President Jackson on his view regarding slavery and black rights.

On what subject did northern whites and southern whites agree?


Why did poor whites accept slavery?

because the whites did not be long in the same school and state

How many abolitionist were there in Harriet Tubman's day?

there was over 100 abolitionist in her day. believe it or not a most of black and whites did not believe in the acts of slevery,although every many did more than that didn't

How did the Black Power movement impact the fight for civil rights?

It frightened some whites.

The colonization movement was totally controlled by whites?


What White flight was?

The movement of whites out of cities and into suburbs

White flight was?

the movement of whites out of cities and into suburbs

What is a quaker abolitionsts?

a quaker abolitionist is a person who is against slavery that Quakers were among the first whites to denounce slavery in the American colonies

What was the triple hurdle that Sojourner Truth had to overcome?

she was an abolitionist in a slave society, a black among whites and a women in a reform that is dominated by men.

Why were many whites scared away from supporting the civil rights movement?

the Black Power movement

Freedom Riders?

A group of northern idealists active in the civil rights movement, who included both blacks and whites. They rode buses into the South in the early 1960s in order to challenge racial segregation. They were regularly attacked by mobs of angry whites and received often belated protection from federal officers.