How did Parmenides die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Very little is knows about Parmenides life. It is said that he died around 450 B.C., but so far, I myself have not seen anything anywhere about how he has died. If anyone does know, please add on. (and no stupid answers like someone wrote here previously, "He tripped on a twig and saw your face." That was just rude and immature)

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Q: How did Parmenides die?
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When did Parmenides die?

5th century BCE.

What has the author Parmenides written?

Parmenides. has written: 'Le poeme' 'Paramenides of Elea' -- subject(s): Philosophy 'Parmenides' 'Parmenides of Elea Fragments' 'Die Fragmente' -- subject(s): Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy, Ancient 'Le poeme de Parmenide' 'Vom Wesen des Seienden'

What did parmenides discover?

Parmenides discovered that the earth was round by the earth's shadow

How did Parmenides influence Aristotle?

Aristotle was influnced greatly by Plato who was influenced by parmenides. look it up, there's a bunch of things on Plato and parmenides.

What was Parmenides' major work?

Parmenides' only known work is a poem known as On Nature.

Who is the father of rationality?


What is the theory of Parmenides?

Parmenides was an ancient Greek philosopher who believed in the unity and immutability of existence. He argued that change and plurality are illusions, and that true reality is a single, unchanging, and eternal entity. Parmenides' philosophy influenced the development of metaphysics and epistemology in Western thought.

Did parmenides discover the world was round?

no but gallileo did

When did Parmenides live?

Parmenides of Elea lived during the 6th or 5th century BCE. H was born between 515 and 540 BCE in Magna Graecia.

Who wrote nothing - immortalised by Plato?

The philosopher Plato wrote about the concept of "nothing" in his work "Parmenides." In this dialogue, Parmenides explores the nature of being and non-being, questioning the idea of nothingness and its implications for existence.

Why is parmenides important?

Parmenides is important because he is considered one of the most significant pre-Socratic philosophers, focusing on metaphysics and the nature of reality. His philosophical work influenced later philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle and helped shape Western philosophy. Parmenides' emphasis on the importance of reason and logic in understanding existence remains relevant in contemporary philosophy.

What impact did Parmenides have on modern day?

Parmenides' influence on modern day thought lies in his philosophical concept of change being an illusion and the idea that reality is unchanging and eternal. His emphasis on reason and logic as methods for understanding the world has influenced modern metaphysics and epistemology. Parmenides' philosophy continues to provoke debates and discussions in contemporary philosophy about the nature of reality.