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Q: How did Thomas net expose the cooperation of boss Tweed?
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What did political cartooonist Thomas Nast work to expose?

Thomas Nast worked to expose the illegal activities of William "Boss" Tweed.

What did political cartoonist Thomas Nast work to expose?

Thomas Nast worked to expose the illegal activities of William "Boss" Tweed.

Who use political cartoons to show corruption?

Notably , Thomas Nast who used political cartoons to expose Boss Tweed ~ see related link below .

Who drew political cartoons of boss tweed?

Thomas Nast

Who did Thomas nast criticize?

William M. Tweed AKA "Boss" Tweed . ~ see related link below .

How did thomas nast bring down boss tweed?

Thomas Nast was able to bring down the Tweed Ring by waging a public campaign against its leader, William M. Tweed. Nast was a cartoonist who went after the Tweed Ring in editorial cartoons.

What muckraker exposed boss tweed?

Political cartoonist Thomas Nast is credited with exposing corrupt politician Boss Tweed through his satirical and critical illustrations in Harper's Weekly. Nast's drawings helped bring attention to Tweed's unethical practices and eventually led to Tweed's downfall.

Who did Thomas Nast's famous cartoons remove from power?

William M. "Boss" Tweed .

Who is boss tweed's lampooner?

Thomas Nast - Political cartoonist for the New York Times.

Who was William boss tweed enemy?

His main enemy was Thomas Nast who drew political cartoons involving tweed in them. Tweed was greatly offended by these images of him that were presented to the public eye.

What did Thomas Nast do during the progressive era?

he was a ruler and was going against boss tweed while he fought in the NAACP boss tweed was exchanging votes for favors

Who was a famous leader of Tammany Hall?

William M. Tweed referred to as "Boss" Tweed was the last head of Tammany Hall