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well in primitive times people used to travel to different places in search of food and trade so as there cultural and food habits exchanged

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Q: How did food habits travel from one place to another in the process of cultural exchange?
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Definition of cultural assimilation?

Cultural assimilation is the process by which individuals or groups adopt the customs, habits, language, and values of another culture, often at the expense of their own cultural identity. It can involve changes in behavior, beliefs, and lifestyle to conform to the dominant culture in a society.

What does it mean to assimilate someone?

Assimilation means when someone of a different nationality, country, culture or background 'blends in' with people of another ethnic group. A good example is as if you moved to another country and took in their way of living. There are other meanings, too, but this is the most common.

How does cultural exchange help in community development?

by making our wold clener Culture is basically habits,traditions, sport, festivals,dance,food and language, It varies from region to region, by exchange of culture, community get to know each other better and possibility of having better relationship with other community. it is possible to improve social and economical relation ship with that community by cultural exchange. That is how the languages, sports, dress and festivals influenced the other communities and as well as other countries as well. In India English, cricket, Festivals like Ganesh Chaturdi are fine examples of cultural exchange

Definition of cultural concern?

Cultural concern is the critical study and analysis of a society in relation to their cultural habits. This focuses on pertinent issues which are the main foundation of the culture.

What are Anglo-American landscape characteristics?

taking on similar habits despite cultural differences is one example

What is a another word for eating habits?


What does assimilation include?

It is a process in which people who have come to live in another country, adopt the language, culture, habits and values and nationality - and sometimes also the religion - of that country's native inhabitants.

Difference between acculturation and assimilation?

Acculturation involves two or more cultures coming into contact and influencing each other, while still retaining distinct cultural traits. Assimilation, on the other hand, involves one culture adopting the cultural norms and practices of another group, often resulting in the loss of their original cultural identity. Essentially, acculturation is a blending of cultures, while assimilation is a more one-sided process of adopting a dominant culture.

What are the habits of scientist?

They go through a process called Trial and Error.

The process of changes in organismes physiological structure of function or habits that allow it to survive in new surroundings is called?

The process of changes in organismes physiological structure of function or habits that allow it to survive in new surroundings is called?

Cultural factors in education with tourist appeal?

cultural factors that can attract tourist include aspects such as the studying habits borrowed from various cultures. How different genders are educated among other factors.

What has the author Paul Erdkamp written?

Paul Erdkamp has written: 'A cultural history of food' -- subject(s): Food, Food habits, History