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because they did

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Q: How did government try to control peoples beliefs during the cold war?
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Who took control of the church in France during French Revolution?

The French government.

How did the US government seek to keep morale high and to control the flow of information during world war 2?

The United States government had a history of human experimentation in mind control to control information flow.

What type of government existed in Florence during the Renaissance?

the Medici took control of the city!

What type of government was used during the Armenian genocide?

During the genocide Armenia hadn't it's own government. At that time the biggest part of Armenia was under control of Ottoman Empire.

During what war did the US government take control of all railroads?

During World War 1 the United States government took control of all the railroads. This nationalized system was called The United States Railroad Administration.

Who gained control of Libya and Somaliland?

During the 1920's and 30's, the Italian government gained control of Libya, Somaliland and Eritrea.

Does the government have the right to curtail peoples rights during times of war?

No. In a democracy the restriction of freedoms should never be an issue. If this happens, it will cease to be a democracy.

What government took control of Russia during the February 1917 Revolution?

The "Provisional Government" took control of Russia after the February Revolution. It was supposed to be temporary until a democratically elected Constituent Assembly could be elected and then create a constitutional form of government.

Who was in control of Europe during Achaemenid Empire?

Europe was not under anyone's control. It was a mass tribal areas of Celtic, Germanic, Spanish, Latin and Scythian peoples and the southern coast was dotted with Greek city-states.

Who was in control of South Africas Government during the aparthied?

The conservative National Party (in Afrikaans: Nasionale Party)

What are the steps to be taken to make peoples of an uncivilised area safe from flood?

The peoples living nearby which are literate should request the government to organise such institutions in that uncivilized area that could make the peoples living in that uncivilized area, such civilized that they could save themselves from flood.The institution should suggests steps to be taken during flood, to the peoples of that area.

Who was in control of the roman state under the republican type of government?

The Senate looked after the interests of the Roman state during the Republic.