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Indentured servants signed a contract for 7 years so employers got their labor for that time for free.

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Q: How did indentured servitude benifit eployers?
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When was indentured servitude outlawed?

Indentured servitude was outlawed in the United States with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1865, which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude.

What system allowed people to free passage to the colonies in return for a promise to work?

The Headright System! Indentured Servitude

How did indentured servitude in the Chesapeake?

The headright system. :)

What were the Pros and cons for employers of indentured servants?

What are the pros and cons of indentured servitude for the employer

How did indentured servitude benefit employers?

Indentured servants were cheaper to employers compared to slaves.

Which of these was developed by Sir Edwin Sandys?

Indentured servitude

System that allowed workers to move to the colonies by paying their passage in return for a promise to work?

The Headright System! Indentured Servitude

What colony or colonies have indentured servants?

all of the colonies had indentured servitude and i think people still do it

Why did indentured servitude decline?

Indentured servitude declined mainly due to factors such as the emergence of wage labor, changes in laws and regulations, and the shift towards chattel slavery in the Americas. As the demand for labor changed and it became easier to rely on other forms of labor, such as enslaved people, the practice of indentured servitude became less common. Additionally, criticism of the exploitative nature of indentured servitude and efforts to abolish the practice also contributed to its decline.

What was a common punishment for someone who broke the rules of indentured servitude?

Common punishments for breaking the rules of indentured servitude included extension of the servitude term, physical punishment such as whipping, fines, or in severe cases, imprisonment.

What did indentured servitude offer to people?

a chance for better life

In the 1600s indentured servitude was an important part of what economy?