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Q: How did jhon browns raid impact the national issue of slavery?
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How did john browns raid impact the national slavery of slavery?

it increased tentions over the issue of slavery across the united states

What does this statement mean browns raid on harpers ferry and his execution further polarized north and south and made a resolution of the slavery issue the center of national debate?

It means that Brown's death split the country down the middle on the slavery issue.

Why did slavery become a major national issue in 1850?

the issue of slavery became important again in 1850. At that time, california requested to join the union as a free state.

What impact did the slavery issue have on the democratic and whig parties?

The issue of slavery split the party. "Conscience Whigs" in the North favored the abolition of slavery and halting the institution's spread into new territories. The "Cotton Whigs" in the South took the opposite viewpoints

Coming out of the constitutional convention which unresolved issue would have the greatest impact later on American history?


What is the final outcome of the national split over the slavery issue?

well of course i wouldnt know

The Wilmot Proviso changed American politics by doing what?

Politicizing slavery as a national and a sectional issue

How did John brown's impact the national issue of slavery?

It increased fears in the South of a slave uprising, and may have contributed to the Southern states' seceding from the Union. Second answer. The South did not fear a slave revolution. In fact during the US Civil War, there were no massive attempts to escape to the North and the possibility was there, without a doubt. Most Americans did not approve of violence on the slavery issue.

What impact did westward expansion have on the issue of slavery in the US?

It made the issue even more prevalent. People had the decision to make a state free or a slave state.

How did this decision affect the issue of slavery?

The decision had a significant impact on the issue of slavery as it further entrenched the practice by allowing it in new territories. It intensified tensions between free states and slave states, ultimately contributing to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Which national issue was the reason some people opposed war with Mexico?

The fear that slavery would spread into new territories

Until the issue of slavery arose in settlement of western lands went smoothly and national politics had not been involved.?