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Nobles belonged to families descended from the first Aztec king. Nobles owned slaves and many were government officials.

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Q: How did nobles play a role in the Aztec government?
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What role did government play in the Aztec society?

They picked their noses!

What were roles of nobles in Aztec society?

They had about the same role as modern millionaires.

What was one difference between the role of the king and that of the nobles in Aztec society?

The king could decide to go to war, while the nobles could not.

Explain the Aztec caste system and its role in the Aztec society?

From the bottom to the top: Slaves, Commoners, Nobles, Emperor. The slaves held the majority however.

Why do you think it was important for the Aztec to be able to tell commoners and nobles apart just by looking at them?

It was important for the Aztec to differentiate between commoners and nobles because social distinctions played a significant role in Aztec society. Nobles held positions of power and privilege, while commoners had different responsibilities and rights. Being able to discern one's social status at a glance helped maintain order and hierarchy in Aztec society.

What role do you think the government should play in the economy?

No role the government should play.

In Aztec Society merchants and artisans were so important to society that they were considered nobles true or false?

True. In Aztec society, merchants and artisans were considered nobles because of their crucial role in the economy and their ability to provide valuable goods and services to the community. They were highly respected and held in high regard for their contributions to society.

What role did the war play in the growth of the Aztec Empire?

it let the Aztec soldiers take over people

How did diseases such as smallpox play role in the fall of the Aztec empire?

they basicly killed most off the Aztec and left them weak to battle

How did khubilal khan change Chinese government?

He was less oppressive than previous rulers. He created a centralized government, and he tried to incorporate traditional Chinese ideas into his government. He reduced the role of the nobles.

What role did nobles play in french politics?

They were the political system and made the laws to benefit themselves.

What role do people play in Japanese government?

People play every role in Japanese government. Without people, there would be no government.