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It convinced them to declare their independence from the king and set up new republics in all the states.

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Q: How did the American revolution change peoples attitudes toward their rulers?
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Why is the American Revolution a justified Revolution?

the definition of revolution is a dramatic change in the way something works or is organized or in peoples ideas about it. the colonist decided to change the way they lived

How did American Indians' attitudes about land change after the European's arrived?

how did american indians attitudes about land use change after the europens arrived

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How did the agricultural revolution change the peoples lives?

The Agricultural Revolution changer peoples lives by having farmers able to make more food and having more technology.

Why was the American Revolution classified a revolution?

The definition of revolution is a sudden and dramatic change. The American Revolution is classified as a resolution as it fulfills this criteria.

What does revolution mean in American revolution?

connected with complete change

Which revolution involved the least amount of change?

american revolution

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How did the American Revolution affect people in modern day culture?

The American Revolution has a definite effect on people in modern day culture. Specifically, the United States might not exist today if not for the Revolution. Furthermore, the American Revolution was what inspired the French to revolt. If the American Revolution hadn't happened, there would be repercussions worldwide today.

Why did the French revolution occur?

The French Revolution occurred because the people saw how effective the American Revolution was and they realized it was possible to change their government.

What area did a majority of the population move to during the industrial revolution?

The industrial revolution was a large change to peoples lives. The majority of the population moved to the city during the industrial revolution.