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they kept taxing the colonists and started saying that the colonists could do nothing about it

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Q: How did the British react to the Declaratory Act?
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What act claiming that british parliament had the power to legislate for the colonies?

Declaratory act.

The purpose of British Declaratory act of 1766?

the declaratory act declared that briten had the right to tax the colonies.

Which act gave the British Parliament the right to tax and make decisions for the colonies in “all cases whatsoever”?

The Declaratory Act

What is significance of the declaratory act?

The act was eventually repealed by Parliament.

What was the The Declaratory Act?

The Declaratory Act was made in 1766. It repealed the Stamp Act, but stated that the British could tax the colonies the same as they could tax the British.

When did the British Parliament pass the Declaratory Act?

1st July 1947

In the Act of 1766 the Parliament once again stated that it had the power to make the laws for the colonies?

Declaratory Act

What was the effect of the declaratory act?

ANSWER:In response to the American uproar, Parliament repealed the Stamp Act in the spring of 1766. But to save face it passed the Declaratory Act, which declared that Parliament had full power to pass laws and levy taxes on America "in all cases whatsoever."

Why did the British make the declaratory act?

Because the colonists had rejected their other acts.

Which act gave the british the right to tax and make decisions for colonies in all cases?

The Declaratory Act

Why is the declaratory act important?

The Declaratory Act repealed the Stamp Act since the colonial boycotts of taxed goods were hurting the British economy. The Act also stated that British authority was equally powerful in America as it was in Britain and that Parliament had the authority to pass binding laws on the American colonies.

Which act gave the british parliament the right to tax and make decisions for the colonies ''in all cases''?

The Declaratory Act