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Q: How did the Filipino people react to American control of the islands?
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In what way do people directly control the American government?

Voters choose the people who represent them and if they don't like the elected person they can vote him or her out.

Why is the American Government trying to kill people?

There are several theories that state the American Government is trying to kill people. Some believe that it is a form of population control. No matter what the theory, there is no proof that they are trying to kill anyone.

Why did authors of the Constitution intentionally make the addition of amendments dependent on the support of a majority of the American public?

To give the people control over their own government.

What are 3 reforms that gave the American people more direct control of the government?

Three reforms that gave the American peoople more direct control of the government were the Penalton act which established the civil service comision, the 17th Amendment which allows people to elect their own senators, and the Oregon system which was also used in other states which set up initiativs referendums and recall.

How has the American Revolution shaped democracy as you know it today?

The American Revolution gave the people the right to change their own government. It also gave the people the right to place restrictions on their own government. If the government puts in policies the people do not like, there is no coup d'état. There is simply the next election. Unlike Iran, the inability of one person to control all aspects created by the the Federal System and the division of powers, one person or group can not gain control over the election process. Thus, while corruption rules in some local areas, it can not seize control of the entire nation. For the most part however, The American Revolution did not have the purpose of creating democracy. It was more concerned with having a government that maintained order and security, giving the people the right to change the government if they did not like it, and with preventing the government from abusing the people. The idea that the government will feed and clothe everyone whether or not he is willing to work is French, not American.

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Who owns the Philippine Islands?

The Philippine Islands belong to the Filipino people as a sovereign nation. The government of the Philippines exercises authority over the territory.

Is rizal an American made herofor the filipino people?

No, his parents are pure Filipino. So, that means he is PURE Filipino too. Well, other people think he is an American because he studied in Europe. But yea. He`s PURE FILIPINO :)

Were the japaneseleaders able to win the loyalty and support of the Filipinos in their struggle againts the Americans?

No. They enslaved, killed, imprisoned, and used the Filipino people when they captured their islands. The Filipino people weren't in a struggle against Americans, but worked with the American to rid themselves of the Japanese imperialism. Young women were forced to service Japanese soldiers and were called "comfort girls." The American army worked to free the Filipino people and fought battles with the Japanese. Hand to hand combat happened in Manilla between American and Japanese armies and men died in beachheads to take back the islands. Watch the film series Victory at Sea to understand the truth about the war in the Pacific.

How do you spell filipeens?

The spelling of the islands and country is Philippines (Philip pines). The adjective form is Filipino and the people are Filipinos.

What is the reaction of the filipino people about the colonialism during American and Japanese time?


Where are Filipino people from?

Filipino people are from the Philippines, which is located in Southeast Asia. They are a mix of various ethnic groups, with influences from Malay, Chinese, Spanish, and American cultures.

Asian heritage of the filipino people?

a mixture of Malaysian, Indonesian and Austronesian people with some of Chinese and American heritage.

What are some characteristics of Filipinos homeland?

The Filipino people are native to the islands of the Philippines. Some facts about the Philippines is that the population is around 97 million (2013), the official languages are filipino and english and the currency is called peso.

What reasons did McKinley give for keeping the Philippines?

President McKinley cited reasons such as the strategic location of the Philippines in relation to trade routes, the duty to educate and uplift the Filipino people, and the belief in bringing American civilization to the islands as justifications for keeping the Philippines.

Who lives in a Filipino house?

=Filipino people/ Filipino Family=

Who are the ancestors of the Filipino race?

As far as we currently understand, all humans came from Africa originally. In Addition: Filipinos are an Austronesian ethnic group native to the islands of the Philippines. The Filipino People are of Asian and Pacific Descent, through their Austronesian Ancestors.

How is the organization affect filipino people?

How is organization affect the filipino people