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Answer this question… When the world saw the atrocities that had been committed on the Jewish people during the Holocaust, many states began strongly supporting creating a Jewish state in Palestine.

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How did 20th century British politics relate to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict?

Answer this question…The British promised both Palestinians and Jews an independent homeland in the same part of its Middle Eastern empire, leading both groups to feel that they had a legal right to the territory.

What is the antonym for perceptual in-capabilities?

Perpetual means ongoing and incapability mean not smart, resourceful, or able to do it. An antonym is the opposite, so the phrase would be 'flash of genius.'

Why is history open to ongoing and changing interpretations?

History is still going and changing for many reasons. The main reason it is still going is because there is still life on earth that change.

What is nature of war?

Warfare is an armed conflict involving engagements of military forces. Warfare comes with death tolls. As an example, millions and thousands of more people were killed in war throughout U.S. military history. World War II is the deadliest war in military history with the amount of 60,000,000-85,000,000 people who were killed in World War II. From events such as the Holocaust, attack on Pearl Harbor, war crimes such as massacres, strategic bombings, and battles of World War II. The Cold War included many armed conflicts such as the Vietnam War and the Korean War. Also, there are ongoing wars such as the War in Afghanistan (Global War on Terrorism) and the Mexican Drug War. There are 6 eras of warfare throughout history: Prehistoric Warfare Ancient Warfare Medieval Warfare Early Modern Warfare Industrial Warfare Modern Warfare (the current era of warfare)

What wars were fought in 2008?

Russia and Georgia.Russia and Ukraine.Serbia and Kosovo.Turkey and Greece.Italy and Albania.Bosnia and Croatia.____It's a strange thing, but all the above answers are false!

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How did the Holocaust contribute to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict?

Answer this question… When the world saw the atrocities that had been committed on the Jewish people during the Holocaust, many states began strongly supporting creating a Jewish state in Palestine.

The Darfur Conflict is an ongoing ethnic conflict in which hundreds of thousands of people have died in which country?


What are the ongoing effects of the holocaust?

They were great! People enjoy talking a learning about this great event.

What is the ongoing conflict in the Middle East is primarily a result of?


Why is there outgoing conflict in the Middle East?

There is no such thing as "outgoing conflict". If perhaps you meant "ongoing conflict" please see the Related Question below.

What caused the gun industries to expand?

Election of Obama and the ongoing conflict.

Did the holocaust and slavery kill the same amount of people?

There was a lot of slavery in the Holocaust. But slavery has been around for thousands of years and it is still ongoing, so it depends uopn how you which to count.

What has been the mai cause of the ongoing conflict in Norhtern Ireland?

Religious bigotry.

What are the main cause of conflict in the region today?

Some of the main causes of conflict in the region today include historical grievances, competition over scarce resources, political power struggles, ethnic or religious tensions, and external interference from other countries or groups. These factors can contribute to ongoing conflicts and make resolution challenging.

Is Scotland in a war?

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and as such, is involved in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

Which 2 countries are in a conflict?

Unfortunately, there are more than two conflicts going on. There is an ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza. In addition, there is a major conflict taking place between Russia and the Ukraine.

What is the ongoing issue in the Arab-Israeli conflict?

The ongoing core-issue is the existence of a Jewish state in the region ... a fact of life with which those who oppose it are unable to find visceral peace.