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Waterloo Road was created by Maureen Chadwick and Ann McManus

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Well, obviously, if they were Roman roads, they were built by the Romans. But the army built most of them especially in the provinces, because the primary purpose for good roads was to move troops and imperial messengers quickly. Civilians were secondary users.

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They used a primitive form of a theodolite: At point A they could see where they had to go towards point B. To get to the next point, C, they send a man as far as they can see & line A B & C up in a straight line, so far so good. Then using a sighting device with 4 weighted strings line up along the line of ABC they send a man in a straight line to point D, again as far as they can see..... and so on. Occaisionally there would be bends, angles, to change direction, but the principal remains the same throughout the length of the road to be built.

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Actually, Roman roads were both an expansion of existing roads (which happened to exist) and a creation of new routes initiated by Roman consuls or censors.

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Yes they did :)

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Q: How did the Romans invent straight roads?
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What did the Romans use a groma for?

Romans use the Groma to buils the roads. The roads that are made by Romans are straight. The Groma makes the roads straight

Did the greeks invent the roads?

No; the technique of building 'hard' roads was invented by the Romans.

The Romans were famous for building these - apparently they were in a straight line?

The Romans were famous for their roads.

What did the Romans Invent for us?

Concrete, Aqueducts, Baths, Central Heating and Roads.

Did the Romans invent concrete and cement?

Yes, because they were the first nation to make roads.

Who built the first straight roads?

Romans were the first people who actually built straight roads.There are still a large amount of roman roads around.

What were the Romans famous forit went in straight line1?

they were famous for building roads that went in a straight line (how weird!!!)

Did the Romans invent towns?

No, that's one invention you can't credit to the Romans. But they did improve the layout of their towns by their famous grid system, of roads and buildings.

How did the Romans keep the roads so straight?

They built straight roads so that they could travel quicker; thus covering less territory.

Why are roman roads so strait?

So it was quicker to get were you were going.The Romans wanted to make sure there roads were straight so their soldiers could get places faster.

Did the Romans build London road?

infact it has been built by the Romans. i know that because they built straight roads an that road leads right the way to London

Why did the Romans have curves in their roads?

Because it was the quickest way from point A to point B.because sharp corners meant nobody could see around the corner in the war